Promotion on Society6!

FREE Worldwide Shipping until October 12 (Promotion expires October 12, 2014 at Midnight Pacific Time)!!

If interested, all you have to do is access my store using this link →HERE← and order as normal.

*Offer excludes Framed Art Prints, Stretched Canvases and Rugs

Thank you for looking!

Go get hot red KO buns on a mug


Have a random Screamer I did in a stream.

It’s all slowly coming together…


It’s me agian :D the crazy shark with the dumb prints no one wants to hear about anymore >3>

Stuff arrived and its .. PLENTY..


So I’m making a little limited super savings extra offer (assuming someone is interested at all…)

Full sets of A5 prints including 25 motives: 25£ each (3 available)


for the A6 there are 4 sets with slight differences.

(24 motives with one main that is only included in one of each sets)

8£ for each set!


In other news announcing oficially A6 are 0,50£ each I decided to price them a little lower.

In any case here is the post with all motives and here is the


(Also anyone of the other awesome artists who wants to trade some stuff they have for sale? Totally willing to churn out more than you would have to pay for other nice fanmade stuff ;u;)

Perfect Face





I know this is nothing new, BUT Manic and me were wondering about this fact:

Either Megatron just loves Soundwaves face this much


maybe he never noticed….

sneaky Soundwave

I just ordered them an hour ago since skids isnt out yet in this shop it probablyl will take a while until i get them XD ocne i have a toy i make in hand pictures lol if its just advertisement pics usually the toy is not in my possession yet c;

Ah, gotcha! That Screamer is a fantastic figure so I’m sure you’ll enjoy him. Just have to be careful with him in a few areas, namely the propeller blades since everything’s so tiny and intricate. His legs are probably my favorite bit about him. He’s got these ‘gears’ that turn and spin when you bend him at the knee. It’s pretty wicked!


Most likely my final MAJOR video of the year. Had some special guests helping me out on this one. It’s been fun!

Special Guest - Raocow

Here’s something to hold you over until AS5.

Source - http://ask-derpticons.tumblr.com/
Artwork - http://uniformshark.tumblr.com/
Voices/Editing - http://lm-g1.tumblr.com/