I just ordered them an hour ago since skids isnt out yet in this shop it probablyl will take a while until i get them XD ocne i have a toy i make in hand pictures lol if its just advertisement pics usually the toy is not in my possession yet c;

Ah, gotcha! That Screamer is a fantastic figure so I’m sure you’ll enjoy him. Just have to be careful with him in a few areas, namely the propeller blades since everything’s so tiny and intricate. His legs are probably my favorite bit about him. He’s got these ‘gears’ that turn and spin when you bend him at the knee. It’s pretty wicked!


Most likely my final MAJOR video of the year. Had some special guests helping me out on this one. It’s been fun!

Special Guest - Raocow

Here’s something to hold you over until AS5.

Source - http://ask-derpticons.tumblr.com/
Artwork - http://uniformshark.tumblr.com/
Voices/Editing - http://lm-g1.tumblr.com/


Some EXTRA special guests will be in this one!

Have some more Starscream! You can never have enough Starscream! :D

Time for round 3 of questionnaires!

Starscream’s back with more answers!